March 15, 2011


Buon giorno. Wow, look at this! Persecution of Christians may be banned! Oh, wait — April 1988, Gorbachev was in power in the Soviet Union.

"Mistakes made with regard to the church and believers in the 1930s and the years that followed are being rectified. Our newspapers and magazines write about this with candor and objectivity," he said.

In his first formal reception of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Pimen, Gorbachev also said believers "have the full right to express their conviction with dignity" and pledged the state would not interfere, according to the official Tass press agency.

Yeah, sure. It's on the books to have freedom of religion in post-Soviet Russia, but who reads the books? Sure, it's not as intense (right now) as in atheist and Islamic countries, but persecution still exists. And I wonder with the way that atheists and "humanists" keep challenging to interfere with the free exercise of religion in America (as well as leftists practically burning the Constitution), how long will it be before the same thing happens here? I'm going to continue to fight for my freedom, capice?


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

Me too! Hmmp.
And at my house, the majority still rules!

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