November 12, 2010

Working in a Quote Mine


Buon giorno. Today, I want to prompt you to use some rational thought, and I'm going to use hyperbole do to it. Is that all right with you? If not, get over it, I have points to make, capice?

There is an increasingly popular expression called "quote mining", where your opponent's words are used against him. The problem is, people get to crying that quotes are taken out of context or otherwise misused. Leftists fuss about alleged "quote mining" when their words are used against them, but they run their mouths and spew so much hate, it is not difficult to find something that they said and use it against them (check Joe Biden, for example). When evolutionists are faced with quotes they do not like, they dismiss quotes with a wave of their magic wand.

When you fire off some anti-evolution statements by evolutionists, they put their lab coats over their heads, picket your home and burn models of the DNA molecule in your yard. That is to say, they get really cranky.

I want you to think about a couple of things. First, let me ask you this: Are people stupid enough to think that all of these remarks are taken out of context or made up? There are many quotes, you see. In addition, the evolutionist community is not quite as unified as their press indicates. Think!

Second, they attack creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design. I will focus on creation science this trip around. I'm going to ask you: Do they really think that creationist scientists who serve a holy and just God (who has told us that lying is a violation of the Ninth Commandment) are going to lie to get you to believe in God? Not only are they insulting God-fearing scientists, but they are insulting the public. Well, except for the hateful and gullible ones that want to believe such things against their opponents.

Now, let's think the other way. Just who are the ones screaming about faked quotes? The evolutionary establishment and its cheerleaders. Evolutionists do not have a track record of either accuracy or honesty. Your evolutionary ancestors are not exactly constructed from an abundance of complete skeletons. Look in the museums: Fragments, creative imagery and lots of synthetic materials comprise those critters that are supposed to be in your lineage. And many of those "ancestors" were misclassified or outright fakes.

The geologic column, showing simple forms in older layers of the earth and more complex forms in more recent layers only exists in textbooks, not in reality. They fooled, you, Zeke! And these pillars of integrity point their shaky, bony prosthetic (i.e., fake) fingers at creationists and accuse them of lying because the creationists brought facts to light that you are not supposed to hear about. Someone pulled the sacred cow of evolution's tail and she moooooooed!

True scientific investigation will consider alternative evidence and models. If evolution is true, then evolutionists can have intelligent, civil debates with creationists — then bury them with the evidence and wipe creationism off the map. Think! Why doesn't this happen? Because creationists do have something to say. We do not need to take statements out of context.

Atheists love to say that Christians are liars. Especially when we say things that they do not want to hear. This includes catching them in their own failures of logic and in their own lies. (It's called "projection". Look it up on a psychology site.) Naturally, they say that Christians are stupid or uninformed as well. Ray Comfort's posts get hammered by vicious atheists on a regular basis. Then, they cry that they want respect! News flash, Poindexter: It is difficult for others to give you respect when you start out with the personal attacks. (I had one guy here recently start out with the sneering and sarcasm, and I gave him sarcasm back. Then he was civil, and he got civil — and detailed — responses.) As I have said repeatedly, people motivated by hate have their judgment clouded.

Now, getting back to how all Christians are liars. OK...

I have a critic who I am going to call Norman. Want to watch me drive him insane? (It's a short drive, I know.) Hey, Norman! Everything I say is a lie. Now read this carefully, Norman: I am lying. Listen to this classic TV moment from Star Trek, it's about half a minute long:

Christians should know why atheists hate us, why evolutionists lie and fake evidence for their insipid "theory", and why some God haters are simply out of their minds: 1 Cor. 1.18, John 8.44, 2 Cor. 2.15-16, Matt. 5.11 . They hate us because of Christ. It's a spiritual problem, and has nothing to do with the intellect. Otherwise, they would behave rationally, having meaningful dialog instead of sneering, slander, false accusations of "quote mining", and hate.

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