August 16, 2010

Tragic Tales 3: Secrets

In a way, these three articles are different aspects of the same thing: Selfishness. I told you how "Monica" had died, and what is inside of people comes out, whether greed or kindness. Relatives act like vultures, wanting "stuff". For cherished memories? I doubt it. After all, a used microwave or television set is not really a "keepsake". And an abundance of items turns into clutter that eventually has to be discarded in one way or another. (Hint: If something breaks, runs down or simply has to be removed, you are not losing the memory of the person as if their spirit was attached to the object(s)).

Also, I told you that people alienated from one another because of lies she had told to and about them were learning some truths and clearing the air. Reconciliations, and in some cases, new friendships, have begun to form. That's the bright side. But discovering the lies that were told has been a torment to friends and family.

Now for this third part, about secrets. Secrets and lies go so well together, yes? Lies are used to cover up secrets. And we have some big ones!

Monica's computer was opened, as were her e-mail accounts. (If she had used even half of what I know about computer sneakiness, these secrets would probably be undiscovered forever. One simple thing is, if you have a good password, you don't blab it!) Her personal address book was on the computer, giving confirmation that there were no distant relatives in Puerto Rico. Files that were supposed to be hidden are now known to Larry, but he made some of them "go away" to spare the family further pain. (Besides, there were not all that many, and they did not provide further enlightenment.) E-mail accounts revealed some other contacts and activities that were also supposed to be kept secret forever.

This reminds me of something I recently learned about, where people get a "porn buddy". If you have a treasure of nastiness and something happens to you, your buddy knows how to get that erased from your computer so your relatives don't find out. I guess that's thoughtful. Monica had so many secrets, she should have set up something to have the entire hard drives of several computers erased.

But I think such a plan has quite a few flaws and offers a false sense of security.

For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.
— Ecclesiastes 12.14

One thing that Monica will probably keep secret (in this life, anyway) are her last text messages. She had a Blackberry phone and a Sprint account. After repeated tries to guess this password, there was a warning message: Essentially, the phone would self-destruct, erasing all information. Even though the police said it can be opened, the merchants say that this is the one phone that they cannot open. Good news if you want to take your secrets to the grave, bad news for family members.

Monica had lied to and fooled her Granny. And Granny idolized Monica, even when she caught her in lies. Further, she never let Monica "grow up", and Monica milked that baby girl status. So, when certain financial arrangements were needed, Granny signed and co-signed papers. It won't be long that Gramps is going to find out that Granny has been keeping secrets from him and lying to him. More pain caused by being an enabler to Monica.

Look, everyone has secrets. Some are things in our past of which we are ashamed, some are things we are currently doing (or even sins that enslave us). And I think that some things are better left alone. We're human, it happens. When secrets become a lifestyle, and then lies are added to protect shameful secrets, we begin a downward spiral. That "tangled web" thing, but also our spirit is more willing to embrace our actions. Our consciences give up and no longer bother us (Romans 1.28).

I sincerely hope that these articles will prove to be a wake-up call, that someone will learn from the things discussed and turn from their ways. If you care about anyone else, take a look at what your secrets and lies are doing to your friends (by the way, do you notice that you have fewer true friends?) and your family. Do you care how much pain will be caused when your secrets come to light?

Part 4 of this series is here.


Silly Goose said...

Be sure your sins will find you out!

God has more than proved this to me.

I had to learn it the hard way sadly.

Stupid, stupid Goose- -kick- -kick-

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