July 27, 2010

It's Just a Tool

Buona sera. I know that I have comments to moderate and responses to give. But I'm on my lunch break, and want to give better replies than break time will permit, capice?

And now for something completely the same as before: Computer stuff. A short rant.
I tend to get a bit ruffled when some cafone starts spouting off that "computers are evil", "television is evil", "the Internet is evil", "playing cards are evil", "abbreviations of Latin expressions are evil", etc. Listen, just about anything can be used for an evil purpose. As for the computer, there is plenty of evil on it — and some of that is based on your point of view. Most of us agree that child porn is evil. From my Christian standpoint, atheistic Communist sites are evil. Sharia law-loving Muslims would say that my Weblog is evil.

An object or process, in and of itself, is neutral. F'rinstance, I am using this computer to listen to great Bible teachings by Charles Stanley, Alistair Begg, Chuck Swindoll and others. I have been blessed to be able to listen to many messages online. When I was searching for something about Charles Stanley, I saw some links and images that had nothing to do with my search, and it was a reminder that other people who have goals and interests quite different from mine are using the Web for their own purposes. Because a pornographer is using the Web, does that make the whole thing evil, and my preacher pals should stop using it?

To quote a very unbiblical source, "Tony Montana": "What, are you nuts?"

What else is evil? The tools that the (insert religious persuasion of your choice here) mechanic that worked on the car are evil because he's not (whatever)? Microphones, because they are used to promote communism as well as good things? Business suits, because "worldly" bankers wear them?

Let's get real, people! Use the tool at your disposal for your purposes. Make it a holy thing by using it for holy purposes, if you like. But don't label the Internet itself (or any other valuable tool) as evil so that you have to quit using it. Stop that. That's silly.


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