June 4, 2010

The Real Truth about 9-11

Yeah, I'm a 9-11 truther. Here's the truth, in your face: It was not an inside job, it was done by insane, cowardly terrorist Islamo-Fascists. Got it? Comprendez? Capice? Comprendre?

No? OK, I'll give you a little bit more. Probably been watching that ridiculous Zeitgeist "movie", huh? Kids love it. Thinking people don't. Or maybe you're listening to lunatic Hollyweird actors that are using their celebrity status in lieu of being knowledgeable in the subject?

Remember how the planes essentially disintegrated when they hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Some nut cases were saying that they were armed military missiles, not jets used like missiles, that struck the buildings. (I have read the laughable idea that the passengers and crew are all safe and sound. Imagine, all those people without a conscience and still keeping quiet, even knowing that they are tacitly complicit in the "bombings". Oh,

Jump forward to concerns about nuclear power plants. People had fears (some legitimately, some pretending so that they could shut down the evil nasty nuke stuff) that planes could crash through the walls and turn parts of the country into a radioactive wasteland.

I was sent this video, and it takes care of two things at once:

First, it gives evidence that the nuclear power plants are well protected. But also, it shows that planes do tend to disintegrate with high impact into solid objects.

That is one of the objections. If you believe in 9-11 conspiracies are have the courage to face the unthinkable (that you have been duped), here are some links to get you started. First, the established and well-respected special report from Popular Mechanics is here. Another source that covers a great deal of ground is here. Some videos are here. Finally, my previous article on conspiracy theories, if you feel like it.

Wow, I'm sure glad that this nonsense is falling away again. I can't stand people that are so desperate to advance the liberal (leftist) political viewpoints that they will resort to such rubbish.

Addendum: Also, I cannot stand how some people insist on believing crap like this. They believe because they want to, not because of evidence. They argue from silence; since there aren't enough airline parts left over, then it must have been missiles instead of jets. Also, "what other building collapses into its own footprint", etc., while ignoring the actual explanations. Spare me!


Doktor Benway said...

At the risk of being branded a troll, I thought I'd let you know that I'm in agreement with you on this one.

And I also have no problem with anyone who appreciates the Doctor.

Bob Sorensen said...

Glad that we can agree on one or two things. Would you like a Jelly Baby? http://xrl.in/5j10 Had to give them up myself, diabetic and all that.

Two items from the Fourth Doctor. First, a motto of mine: "Interfere? OF COURSE we should interfere! Always do what you're best at!"

The second was used very effectively in a Free Tibet newsgroup: "The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their
views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views — which can be very uncomfortable
if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."
— from "The Face of Evil"

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