June 2, 2010

Double Facepalm for Atheists

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
- Sherlock Holmes

I had better point out to my more vicious, childish readers that I know full well that Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character. But everyone would be enriched by watching the way Jeremy Brett portrayed him! But look, there is more to logic and reason than you may think. Some people think they know everything humanly possible. How do you deal with facts that do not fit your presuppositions? You must accept the conclusions of the evidence, whether you like them or not.

There is something that I have to address with my critics. They are angry because I do not engage them in protracted discussion on other people's blogs. These arrogant atheist trolls demand that I reply to each and every comment they make, and even bring up material that I have written here, to be discussed there, even though I am commenting (or in some cases, absent from commenting) on other people's articles.

It reads like this:
  • Joe posts evidence for belief in God
  • Joe gets flamed for being a hypocrite, stupid, liar, etc.
  • I get flamed in Joe's comment section for things that I posted here
  • That's not fair to Joe
  • Once in a while I comment back, but for the most part, I ignore the noisy children
Also, the trolls are furious because I ignore things, so they demand that I reply to everything. ("Prove to me God exists, Stormbringer. I'm still waiting!" Like that's going to happen in a comment area or forum! Besides, I've made plenty of links available that offer the evidence that they seek.) But I do not have to reply there, or here. This is my Weblog. Tee hee.

Something else I should point out. They condemn me for being a "false Christian", or "hypocrite", "hateful", or something else. What is their standard?

They are appealing to the Bible (which they consider fairy tales or a book of lies), or even to God himself. So... I'm being judged by people who do not believe in the Bible or God, and they cannot understand what they are talking about in the first place. Psalm 14.1

Again, I say that lovers of "reason" and "logic" are proving my point. Way to go!

One last bit for those trolls at other people's comments areas. Why should I take you seriously? I have reasons not to do so, and reasons not to give more than a cursory scan of your comments:
  • I have been tricked and lied to, so why should I believe the next "serious question for you"?
  • Trolling and personal attacks
  • My own comments are unanswered or deliberately misunderstood
  • Although the demographic for "new atheists" is about 18-25, from the actions of the majority, I think I am dealing with 12-year-old dwellers of parents' basements
  • I have it on good authority that atheists will lie to me. The rubbish I have experienced is nothing compared to what others have dealt with. For that matter, look at the comments you people leave for Ray Comfort and for Dan at "Debunking Atheists". I'm supposed to subject myself to that kind of thing?
  • Playing the victim: "But I didn't do that..." Your sneering and mocking attitude, plus the nastiness of your fellows, keeps me from wasting my time. "Prove to me that God exists", but we all know full well that you really do not wish to have any evidence, Buttercup.
Now, can I get back to other things? Although you think that you are the center of the universe, God haters have a great deal to learn. That goes for anyone else that has an overly-inflated opinion of themselves, too. James 4.6 NASB There is more to life than you. It's really too bad. You can never know true inner peace without the Jesus that you deny. For your own sakes, I hope you think about this some more. And be honest with yourselves this time.

Addendum: This article illustrates the absurdly shallow intellects and arguments of the so-called "new atheists".


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