May 6, 2010

"Bandwagon Convictions" Revisited

About a year ago, I wrote a post about bandwagon convictions. That is, if your values and inner convictions are based on doing the popular thing, they are not worth a great deal.

I felt that it was time to try the subject again.

There are people I know who are atheists, but I suspect their motives as well as their ability to reason:
That is comrade Stalin in the picture. He was an atheist leader of the failed Soviet Union and killed millions of his own people.

I am using atheists for my main example because I have had many dealings with them. Also, I have listened to debates with them, where they act like children who have just been told that they cannot have candy before supper. Agonizing.

Similarly, I know someone who is opposed to the recent Arizona immigration law. It suddenly occurred to me, "Of course! She is dating someone from south of the border. Naturally, she will form her viewpoints to please him." If she actually looked at the evidence of the damage that illegals are doing to the economy and to safety, she would probably change her mind.

People make decisions because "Oprah said so". I don't care what she says, believes, recommends. If someone is doing things to please her, or someone else on TV, they are loony. News flash, Skippy: Oprah doesn't care, or even know, what you do. She won't pay your bills or die to save you. Why should she? Time to get real.

Back when B. Hussein Obama was elected, many people voted for "the (half) black guy" for the novelty, and also because they believed the leftist propaganda. Look at the damage being done to the country by their stupidity!

I know people who "have their religion", but do not really know anything about the Bible and Jesus Christ. They are content to do whatever it is they do that passes for their religion, but do not wish to possibly make a change because they would have to explain themselves to friends and family.

It is a dangerous thing to go with a herd mentality or be trendy. It is bad enough to spend money on trendy clothing or music, but to vote in ways that affect the nation, or to gamble with your eternal destiny... not worth it.

I'm asking you to think before you act. Get information before you make your final decision. Don't follow the herd and be a mindless sheep.


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