May 7, 2010

Amplification and Clarification

Genesis 1.1

Yesterday, I posted another of my famous articles questioning the intellectual honesty of atheists. Naturally, I took some heat for it. And that's a good thing. The problem is, the flak that I received helped prove my points!

But first, I was asked a question: "Do you believe all atheists fall into those categories?"

Nope. Do you think I'm stupid enough to try to box a group of people and a complex issue into just five areas? As I explained in that article, I have had my own experiences, plus reading, hearing interviews and having discussions with others regarding atheists, the whole thing was fresh in my mind.

One guy lashed out at me on Twitter. He wears "atheist" in his name as a badge of honor, and it appears that his whole purpose in Twitter is to bash Christians and the Bible. Some of his comments were so amazingly vapid and caustic, I wonder if he (and some others) are deliberately stupid!

In yesterday's article, I was using atheism as my primary illustration for a greater principle that I was trying to get across. Namely, that people will join a cause because others are doing it. That's a bad motive for something important.

Another thing that is fresh in my mind is the intellectual dishonesty of most of the atheists that I encounter, and I wanted to emphasize that as well.

Since atheists stirred me up, I'm going to focus on a bigger problem that they have: Pride. Yes, you heard me. They do not want to admit that God might be real after all. That would mean admitting that they were wrong. Worse, atheists would have to do something about it. And I really believe that they are afraid of becoming like Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel and others who set out to disprove the Bible and, when confronted with the truth, became Christians!

When claiming disbelief on the grounds of "lack of evidence" or "needing clarification", I have given references for books, sites and so on. Do they read the books or visit the sites? No! They continue hounding laymen instead of consulting with experts. For that matter, they are hit-and-miss on this Weblog; few of them bother with any of the links that I offer. (The guy that whined at me on Twitter spent about three and a half minutes here. Really serious about learning the truth, aren't you, Bubbles?)

By the way, this is a blog, not a series of doctoral dissertations. I try to keep them short because I want to entertain my readers as well as inform, capice?

There is something that atheists need to learn about Christians. We do not present our case with the attitude of Victorian gentlemen discussing Parliament in the club, intellectualizing and saying, "How droll, yes, quite". Rather, we are compelled by a greater motive, that we are concerned that you are on your way to a very unpleasant eternal destination. You could end up in Hell because you don't want to admit that Christians are right after all. Imagine...missing out on eternal life because of silly pride.

I've been going through a science fiction book that describes a group of people that want to improve the world by improving humans. To do that, they want to eliminate emotions and everything else, leaving just intellect. But humanity is not built that way! When it comes to discussing the Bible, atheists want humans to be pure intellect. That is ridiculous. Tell me, Mr. Atheist, when your vehicle gets damaged, do you simply say, "I cannot have emotion. Anger is simply a biochemical reaction..." Of course you don't.

Most of us believe that people are body, soul (or mind) and spirit. Yes, the distinctions get blurred. My point is that it is ridiculous to cut out part of the essence of your being. That is why I am saying to you now to listen to your heart. Think about what Jesus said. Click here if you want to honestly read a Gospel presentation. See the video (below) for comments about what happens after we die (are you ready for that?).


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