August 16, 2012

Strange Searches — Evidence

I am going to use the search term "sentence" here to make a point:

As usual, the searcher may have been putting words together to make the best use of the search engine. But I am going to go with it anyway. Please pay attention: There is no such thing as Christian or creationist evidence per se. We all have the same facts; a fact is a fact. The disagreement happens in the interpretations of the facts. Evolutionists have their interpretations, models, explanations and whatever else. Creationists have their interpretations, models, explanations and whatever else as well.

There is no such thing as your facts and my facts, capice?

August 14, 2012

Logic Lessons: What Do You See, Feel and Think?

A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal,
But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.
Proverbs 12.10 NASB

This picture was circulating on Facebook and has upset quite a few people. There are over 30,000 comments on the main photo and 176,000 "shares". No idea how many total with all of the comments on the shared versions. I saw several comments where people wanted to personally harm and even kill the man in the picture. I'm warning you, it is upsetting to animal lovers. Be sure to read this all the way through.

Click for Larger; Picture is viral, original source not found.
From your initial glance, what do you feel? Outrage? A desire to hurt the guy? Sorry for the puppy?

Now, what do you see? A fellow forcing a puppy to drink vodka? Animal abuse?

In addition to the rage that was expressed, some interesting comments and observations were made. There is considerable argument about whether or not the cap is on the bottle in the first place. Others suggested that the bottle was tipped away from the camera so that the neck was not even in the dog's mouth. Also, there is no sign that there is any pouring happening because you can see the bubble in the bottom of the bottle, and no motion in the neck and sides of the bottle. We do not see liquid running out of the dog's mouth and onto the floor.

We also do not know that the clear liquid in the bottle is vodka — it could have been refilled with water.

While the puppy does show discomfort, it may not be forced to drink vodka or anything else.

My point is that emotions are easily fired up into overdrive. In this case, we have "filled in the blanks" in our minds. But in reality, we do not have all the facts. People get emotional and react without thinking. Especially when there is a hot button issue involved.

On a related note, something came to my attention while this article was in process. A homosexual man was a victim celebrity. His bruised face was in the news, as was his claim that he was a victim of "gay bashing". While such a thing does happen and it's wrong, this guy flat-out lied about it. He failed to do a back flip, messed up his face, claimed to be a victim, then was caught in his lie.

Consider this (the hint of the century): People love to believe negative things. Ponder that for a while and I think you'll agree. (For that matter, my own haters detest admitting that I'm right about anything, even things they agree with. But give them something to complain about, and yeeeeee haw, they're fussing up a storm.) Negativity sells. How many good things are on the evening news?

Did you notice that this is typed in an angry shade of red? I'm trying to make some points here, people! In several posts, I have attempted to show that wording can provoke our emotions as well. This one is about visuals.

Think before believing and reacting. Especially in this manipulative political season. Did we have our emotions manipulated by the picture? It is a distinct possibility. More likely, it was our own imaginations reacting without full knowledge of the circumstances. Was it an instance of animal abuse? Nope! The cap was on the bottle, and no animal abuse happened!

August 11, 2012

A Thought about Evolution

The Most Interesting Man in the World
has a comment about evolution to share:

Video: Poll Says Evolution is Not Science

This guy has a unique way of making videos, and I would like to know how he makes them, voice and video, while on a motorcycle. You might want to follow the link to YouTube itself and see the links there.

Anyway, notice that leftists are invariably evolutionists. Why is that?

August 6, 2012

"Gay Rights" Activists, Atheists, Evolutionists and Other Useful Idiots

Some things that are noteworthy in the efforts of the radical leftists to seize power include:
  • Appeal to emotion. The "values" of the leftists are opposed to the majority of the people, but they play up the emotional aspects of "causes" and people support them without thinking; look how leftists tell groups of people that they are oppressed and cannot succeed in life without leftists in power
  • Labels and redefinition. Leftists use labels to provoke emotion (supporters of traditional marriage are labeled with the nonsensical but emotion-laden word "homophobe"), and redefine words to suit their purposes (such as "tolerance" meaning "Everything is okay except Judeo-Christian stuff").
  • Lack of reason. Someone who is not caught up in the emotional pot-stirring of the leftists can listen to their prominent figures and realize they do not make sense. I saw a picture of homosexuals with a poster outside of a Chick-fil-A restaurant, and the sign said, "Legalize Love", but the issue is not about love
  • Celebrity appeal. Movie stars, recording artists, athletes and others in the public eye; Rocker Alice Cooper pointed out, "If you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we're morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal." Celebrities are know for being celebrities (usually leftist supporters), and not for having intellectual skills
  • Opportunism instead of planning. Sure, they may stir up the rabble, and re-stir the rabble (such as the outbreaks of the violent radical "Occupy" nonsense), but for the most part, the left will try to score political points out of something, and fan the emotional flames
  • Blatant hypocrisy. F'rinstance, freedom of speech is encouraged for liberals, but if a Conservative speaks up, it's labeled and attacked. Also, B. Hussein Obama was on record as supporting traditional marriage, then he suddenly changed and became a hero
A phrase that the Soviet Union contemptuously used regarding their supporters in the West was "useful idiots". And that is what is happening with the leftists. They do not have "values", they do not care about people, they are only interested in remaking Western countries into Eastern socialist regimes. That's right, I said it! These people are Statists, and are using homosexual rights activists, atheists, evolutionists and others as useful idiots.

The Gaystapo is pressuring "acceptance" and "tolerance" for the lifestyle choice of a small minority of the population on the rest of us. Emotional appeals are rampant. Financial pressure is also rampant; do you think that major corporations approve of unhealthy sexual activities? I doubt it. Their support is probably because they do not want protesters outside their offices or making news with emotionally-laden terms that the unthinking masses will embrace.

These activists not only appeal to emotion, but are irrational. As I pointed out earlier about the ludicrous "Legalize Love" poster, the issue is not "love", it is about sexual practices and their efforts to redefine marriage itself for the sake of a few loud radicals. Chick-fil-A received massive support because they were receiving hate from those who hypocritically proclaim "tolerance". The company does not discriminate in who they allow to patronize them, but have homosexual employees. Not only was this about the right of the company to hold to and affirm traditional Christian values, but about freedom of speech. So, the intolerant Gaystapo had follow-up "Kiss In" that failed, and homosexual employees suddenly feel bad and want to seek other employment because Chick-fil-A supports "hate". Good luck finding a job where the owners believe everything that you do! Idiots. The company does not give hate or discrimination (or intolerance), but they certainly do receive bigoted, irrational hatred and intolerance for daring to stand for their beliefs. Addendum: Here is "tolerance" for you: Homosexuals who are protesting Chick-fil-A mock a homeless man reading a Bible. How low can you get?

Meanwhile, the Statists on the left are saying that they support homosexual "rights", and supporting militant atheism.

It is supremely ironic that atheists consider themselves "freethinkers" (a horrible misnomer), but they are used by leftists to further their efforts to consolidate power. Like homosexual activists, the left coddles the small disliked group of atheists. Why? They are fueled by hate and seek to destroy Christianity, even with the nit-picking efforts at removing a cross here, a memorial there, a student's graduation speech somewhere else. The public at large is enraged. So who supports misotheists? Leftist activist judges and other politicians. Then they pretend that they are victims and simply standing up for their rights — in opposition to the majority of the population, and imposing their views. Another great irony is that atheist are supporting the Gaystapo's immorality ("useful idiots" for the atheist agenda, atheism itself leads to immorality anyway.

Evolution is a pseudo-scientific philosophy about the origins of life, and is a cornerstone of the atheist religion. Here, logical fallacies run rampant, and many tie into appeals to emotion. The lie that "there are no creationist scientists", another lie that all creationists and Intelligent Design supporters are undejamakated Fundamentalist Christians, that evolution is "science" (fallacy of equivocation), and more. Further, evolution is being protected against actual scientific inquiry. That is not education, that is religious indoctrination! In reality, evolution is another attempt to undermine and ultimately destroy Judeo-Christian values.

Meanwhile, the Statists on the left are supporting the religion of evolutionism.

Now I have an assignment for you. Determine why the violent excesses of Islam are not only tolerated in the West, but encouraged.

Since I have enraged some people with reality, I will go a step further and bring in spiritual truth. While homosexual activists, militant atheists, evolution "educators" and Mohammedans are all useful idiots for the Statists on the left, even the leftists who are trying to run the show are useful idiots themselves! The problem is much deeper than political agendas and immorality. And it has been around a long, long time.

The problem is sin.

"What is 'sin', Cowboy Bob, and why is it so powerful?"

Sin is man's rebellion against God, the one who created us in the first place (Genesis 1.27). Not only do we have a sin nature that prompts us to do things that go against God (Galatians 6.8). Lucifer was a great angel (Ezekiel 28.11-19), and his sin got him kicked out of Heaven (Isaiah 14.12-14 ESV). He is a liar and a destroyer.

There are no "freethinkers" because Satan controls his useful idiots (John 10.10, John 8.44). We have all sinned (Romans 3.23), and are under the wrath of God (Romans 1.18, 2.5).

It does not have to be this way. God has made provision through Jesus Christ to rescue us from the wrath of God (John 3.36, Romans 6.23). You can continue to be under the control of Satan (by the way, he doesn't really care if you're a useful idiot or not, you're just another idiot under his dominion as far as he's concerned) and share his ultimate fate (Revelation 20.10, 15).

Or, because God loves you and made provision for your salvation (John 3.16, 2 Peter 3.9), you can repent ("turn from") your sins and make Jesus Christ, the risen savior and Creator (Colossians 1.16-17, 1 Corinthians 15.3-5).

For more information on this vitally important subject of your eternal destiny, you can click here for a video and click here for an audio about your salvation.

Please — don't be an idiot.

August 5, 2012

Strange Searches: St00pid

This is what showed up on my site tracker:

I thought that maybe people finally got the message long ago... It shows up in their own search results, and what do they do? Click anyway! And there are plenty of other choices.

Take a look at what the Yahoo searcher would see (as well as the Google searcher, I've checked that as well):

Click for larger

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