November 1, 2020

Expect Mostly Peaceful Post-Election Activities from Leftist Democrats

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There was a scene in The Blues Brothers movie where the band was playing rock music at a country bar. The people started throwing bottles and such because they were angry. When the band played appropriate music, the same activities commenced. You could not tell the difference between rage and joy. Same with the political left.

Expect violence from the left before, during, and after the election. Also, they have plans to eradicate people who oppose them.
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Sure, people get a mite rambunctious when celebrating, but we've seen leftists acting up with any excuse. The mainstream media are controlled by sidewinders who actively suppress views that differ from leftist talking points. Indeed, back in 1977 Francis Shaeffer described what we see today [1]. If you search for material on how Joe Biden and other leftists are corrupt socialists, keep in mind that social(ist) media have saddled up to ride for the Biden brand [2] and mainstream news is demonstrably dishonest.

This country was established to be a constitutional republic using a democratic process. It was never meant to be mob rule, but that's what you get when you listen to fools.

Elections are supposed to be about concepts and belief systems (see "God, Creation, and Government" for more [3]), selecting the right person for the job. People used to have respect for one another, at least to some extent. When B. Hussein Obama became Caliph in Chief, there was no wide-scale rioting by Republicans and Conservatives. (Remember how just before he got elected that he was on the way to "fundamentally transforming the United States of America", a country he obviously did not love?) Now leftists will riot — I mean, engage in mostly peaceful protests — for any alleged reason.

Leftists have been increasingly active in suppressing Republicans and Conservatives through harassment, intimidation, outright violence, lying about history [4] — and even witches casting spells [5], [6]. Biden and Harris want to eliminate the tax cuts that the Trump administration enacted [7], and  Biden desires to take away religious freedoms, defying the US Constitution [8]. (He even referred to our Creator as a "thing" [9].) Many of us believe that leftists resort to these tactics as well as massive election fraud [10] because they cannot honestly win the hearts and minds of the majority of the American people. So they lie, cheat, and steal.

Since leftists under the excuse of the Marxist Black Lives Matter[11] and the anarchist Antifa (Biden says it's "an idea", which is false [12]) are burning and looting. BLM and other leftists are anti-police [13], which is no surprise because they spoil murder, arson, looting and so on in the name of "justice". Come on, man! Cries of "justice" are just malarkey. Did you ever notice that Biden and other leftist politicians do not condemn violent "protests"?

This election has definite spiritual components.

With this background, it should come as no surprise that leftists are expected to be even more violent after the election. I reckon some of it will be under the guise of celebration, but if Donald J. Trump and Republicans have the landslide victory that many of use are expecting, we could be having category five-type rioting. Businesses are boarding up like people who are under hurricane and cyclone warnings [14], [15], [16], [17]. What these mindless thugs will have to learn the hard way is that many of us will shoot back.

What if the leftists win? Mayhaps we will see, for once, Republicans rioting out of frustration at how leftists will finish destroying the country. I have to admit that my faith in God's providence and plan falters sometimes, but we all need to remember what we've been told in the Bible [18]. Not only do we have fear of expected violence by leftist snowflakes, but they are on record as desiring to reeducate or even eradicate Trump supporters [19]. 

We have to keep our constitutional republic and support the laws of the land. While many of us expect victory, there is no excuse for complacency. We have to vote — and pray. Pray a lot. God's will be done, and may he have mercy on us. And Republicans? Provided we do win, don't betray us like country-club Republicans have done in the past. Otherwise, the left will gain power until the reign of the Antichrist.


Alex B said...

This aged well.

Bob Sorensen said...

So good of you to drop by. I realize you're giving me a complement out of your profound love for me as a person, Christian, and biblical creationist, and for that I am extremely grateful. In fact, I have been proven right in many aspects, and I have used this article as a reference in subsequent works.

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