September 22, 2012

Killing the Evolution Werewolf

Evolution can be likened to a werewolf. It is unnatural, has no right to exist, destroys lives, perpetuates its own curse and should be put down.
"How can you say that, Cowboy Bob? Evolution is a scientific fact!"

Nope. Despite the rantings of Darwin's undereducated cheerleaders and fundamentalist stormtroopers, evolution is not a "fact", and it is not "science". Sure, we are subjected to tendentious interpretations of facts shoved through evolutionary presuppositions and told, "Here is proof!", but actual examinations of the facts do not support it. Also, evolution is a belief system about the past using scientific methods; this is historical science, not observational science, and the two should not be equivocated. The philosophies of evolutionism have been applied to economics and governments, making it into a disastrous religion.

Although proponents of evolution claim to have reason on their side, logic is the silver bullet that kills the unnatural beast of evolution (even though it won't lay down properly). Further, science and reason support biblical creation! Click here to read "The Silver Bullet that Killed Evolution".

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