September 2, 2012

Christianity and Fear

More and more, I keep seeing how people are ignorant of creation science, the Bible, God, Jesus, Christianity and so on. It is not just from me, I see complaints from other Christians, including apologists. Much of it is because such atheists never bothered to seriously think about the subjects, and get their bad information from friends, dishonest sites of atheopaths, terrible misotheist pep rally philosophers like Richard Dawkins and so on. So, the basic accusation seems true: Atheists do not do their homework.

But their ignorance does not interfere with their expression of their prejudicial conjectures and dishonest accusations. Here is a letter that a creation organization received:
S.A. from the United Kingdom wrote in response to our article Is God watching?:

Looking at this article, it doesn’t sound like morality comes from Christianity, only obedience and fear. I don’t steal or murder people because that is wrong, not because I might be punished for it.

And to suggest evolution and random mutations would be all it took to make murder, adultery or theft acceptable just makes you sound like you don’t truly value human life.

CMI’s Dominic Statham responds below:
Not so fast, Freddie. You can see Dom's response at "Does Christianity lead to true morality or just obedience from fear?"


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