August 29, 2012

Angry Atheist Against "Religion"

A letter to from an angry misotheist is very typical of the kind of thing that Christians, and especially creationists, encounter on a regular basis. (I suspect that people like this are angry that atheism is on the slide and Christianity is growing.) He seems to think that the world would be a better place if Christians were restricted and not allowed to practice their religion, except in carefully regulated boxes. To be blunt, his desire for certain laws and restrictions are nothing less that fascist.
P.H., from Ireland, commented on CMI’s Question Evolution campaign and Dr. Don Batten responds.
Hello, I am a little sceptical that you will print this, but we shall see.
I wonder when you go out with your 15 questions, will you stop once you have met anyone who can give you a reasonable answer? Obviously not everyone is going to have the knowledge to answer the specifics, but if you meet a Biologist for instance who can clearly explain the current state of scientific knowledge will you stop? If you don’t stop will you at least inform the next person without knowledge of the evidence you have been presented with?
Personally as an Atheist I would rather you did not go around bothering me on the street or in my home, (I am only here because of a link in a debate about removing Religious indoctrination from schools) I think it would be far better if you realised that your thoughts are private ones and should not be forced on others. You believe in god, I don’t believe in your god or anyone else’s and I have no interest in “learning” about them beyond an interest in cultural variety.
You may quite rightly wonder why I am taking time to post this, It is simply that at the moment we are embroiled in a debate on removing the prayer indoctrination from our child’s school, if just a few of you could recognise the rights of others to a reasonable secular environment, we could all move on and end these sometimes bitter quarrels. You have your views, apply them to your own work and lives and leave others alone.
Thank you
P.S. I would rather not have my name published as it is very rare in my country and I don’t want any more Christians at my door!
You can read the rest of "Don’t bother me with your religion!", here.


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