July 7, 2012

Atheist Hypocrisy and the "Jesus Myth"

Pope Richard Dawkins leads the charge against creationists, and his non-thinking disciples copy-n-paste his obstreperous rhetoric in an effort to appear just as wise as him. Unfortunately, he does not appear wise, and their lazy efforts to attack creationists with bad parroting serve to humiliate the lot of them even further. In this case, he does/does not believe in the "Jesus Myth" nonsense. Of course, when the facts do not fit with reality, emotional attacks must suffice for misotheists.
Creationists are certainly accustomed to being dismissed as a crackpot fringe that holds a minority position—especially in the community of science, where indeed the vast majority of scientists argue for some form of evolution. We are also accustomed to being ridiculed by popularist demagogues like Richard Dawkins. Dawkins professes to find himself highly disturbed that anyone at all accepts young earth or creationist views, and is even more despairing that despite years of evolutionary indoctrination in our schools, creationism just doesn’t seem to be going away. Recently, at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Dawkins was quoted as saying:
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