May 5, 2012

Foolishness of Atheists Denying the Existence of Jesus

I unfortunately get quoted as someone who thinks that Jesus didn't exist, which I think is very strange because I've written an entire book on what Jesus said and for him to say or do anything, he had to exist. I don't think there is any serious historian who doubts the existence of Jesus.
— Bart Ehrman

It's one thing to deny that Jesus was God in the flesh who is the only way to salvation (John 14.6, Col. 1.16-17). But to deny that Jesus never existed? May as well deny all of ancient history, then. [1]

Some critics object to using the Bible as a historical document because it is attempting to prove something. Well, that's what books do, Derwood! The Bible is one of the best historical documents in existence. [2, 3, 4] There are almost no serious scholars who deny his existence. To me, it is the height of desperation and misotheism to find some fringe scholar to support such arrogant, foolish views. Even renowned hatetheist Clinton Richard Dawkins does not go that far! Serious scholars do know that Jesus did exist, and there is evidence — aside from Biblical sources, since some people are full of biases and cannot accept those. [5, 6]

Atheists really should do their homework before spouting off their uninformed prejudicial conjectures. Here, an atheist tries to get unbeliever Bart Ehrman to support his opinion that Jesus never existed. Big mistake.
One atheist appealed to Bart Ehrman to support his "Jesus Myth" nonsense. Now, Ehrman is regularly trounced by experts when it comes to the contents of the manuscripts themselves [7, 8], and he is an agnostic. But he does not indulge in hatred of Jesus to pretend that he never existed. Since the atheist did not want to admit that his bias was without foundation despite Ehrman's expertise in that area, he proceeded to argue with him. And was politely spanked. Guess his silliness wasn't exactly the "voice of reason", huh?


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