April 12, 2012

Atheism, Evolutionism and Morality

Buon giorno. While reading True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism, something occurred to me. This section of the book was pointing out how the so-called "new atheists" will conflate "reason" with morality. As I have seen it, "I claim to be rational and use reason. You are religious, so you do not use reason, just ignore my genetic fallacies here. I am a better person than you are!" In addition, I have been attacked with being called a liar because I disagree with the interpretations of the facts regarding evolution. Amazing. They conflated so badly that they could not tell the difference between a difference of opinion and a moral flaw. Joseph Lister's germ theory was met with disbelief, but I seriously doubt that other scientists called him a liar.

But I digress.

An evolutionary worldview does not provide a realistic basis for morality.
Morality is a very difficult problem for the evolutionary worldview. This is not to say that evolutionists are somehow less moral than biblical creationists—or anyone else. Most evolutionists adhere to a moral code and believe in the concept of right and wrong. But evolutionists have no rational reason for this position. Thus, only creationists have a rational, logical, and consistent reason for morality.
Read the rest of "Morality and the Irrationality of an Evolutionary Worldview", here. If you dare.

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