March 14, 2012

Making Stuff Readable

Buon giorno. It's time for Uncle Bob to dazzle you with his profound wisdom and intellect.

Instead, I want to keep things light but still edjamakate you on something useful.

There is a site called "Readability" (who does not know that I exist, let alone that I am writing about them). Either they became ambitious over the past couple of years, or I just plain missed what they were doing. Originally, I knew about their bookmarklet where you could convert a Web page (especially a Weblog page) into something less cluttered and more, well, readable, on your browser.

But they do much more than that, even when you click on the bookmarklet. Not only can you adjust the colors to make the thing easier on your eyes, but there are options to "Send to Kindle" as well as "Read Later", among others.

Readability will let you sign up for free or paid accounts, and you can keep track of your reading material in one place using the e-mail feature or "Read Later" button. Naturally, I like the "Send to Kindle" button. Unfortunately, it failed occasionally by cutting off part of the requested article, and it did not render some items as well as some of the "Send this thing to the Kindle" add-ons that I discussed in this article. (To be fair, none of them render everything perfectly. "SendtoReader" is the most consistent, but "Kindle It" does very well, too, except for certain sites. But the other two never cut off articles on me.) In the screen shot below (which did not capture my pointer), you can see that your saved articles can be shared to the big social media outlets as well, and you can e-mail articles from right there, using the e-mail address that you used when you signed up.

I don't see the need for all of the ways they provide for you to send an article to your list. But so what? You might find something that I don't need to be indispensable, capice? So, tinker with it and find out what you like. Even though I don't feel that I can rely on Readability's "Send to my Kindle" function, this service does have several things going for it and is worth checking out.


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