March 5, 2012

Atheist Agendas and Non-Belief Fests

Buona sera. You've had atheists lie to you about not having an agenda, haven't you? Well, they want to evangelize us away from our faith. That's why I keep trying to encourage Christians to know how these people act, and to get into the Word. You can't stand up for the truth if you don't understand it, capice?

While attempting to destroy the faith of individuals (if you don't believe me, you're not an open Christian on Facebook or Twitter), they also want to destroy religion itself. Especially Christianity. Just ask Richard Dawkins about his hypocritical crusade destroy Christianity.

Of course, when we have events like "Question Evolution Day" in "The Question Evolution Project", the foundation of the atheist religion is threatened and they get really mean. Perhaps they'll be discussing this at their "Unreason Fest" or whatever that gathering is called. Yeah, dare to show flaws in evolutionism, and you can find out how "reasonable" they can be.

I still don't get it. Why do people get together to celebrate what they do not believe? Does your "lack of belief" motivate your actions? "I do not believe that the ChiComs are going to invade Brazil in the next few days, so I'm going to protest." Atheists will troll the sap out of Christians. Why? Because they "lack belief" in God. Like, duh! Norman the paranoid troll is about to say I'm lying again because he lacks belief in what I'm saying (snicker).

By the way, this has to be said: Many modern Internet atheists are not so much "freethinkers" and "rationalists" as they are "nonthinkers". That's right, I said it! I keep tripping them up in very basic logical fallacies. And dig this: Those terms like "freethinker" and "rationalist" (among others) are not only intended to be insulting to "believers", but they are based on the Genetic Fallacy! Genetic...origin...genesis... Being an atheist does not automatically make someone smarter or freer than anyone else. Working the other way, referring to themselves by these handles does not negate the intelligence or freedom of "believers". Worse, if evolution, the cornerstone of the atheist religion, were true, then we are all slaves to our brain chemistry and nobody is a "freethinker". Ha, ha!

Added: Did I mention their excessive egos? One misotheist was so angry, he started trolling remarks at one of my other sites! What is agonizing is his defense of illogic: "It's not a genetic fallacy if it's true". (I've seen it before where they have to defend their errors with more errors.) Thanks for helping prove me right, Poindexter! And you claim to be an educator? Oh, and I reported all of those ridiculous comments as spam.

While Matt Slick of CARM Radio was getting some technical difficulties straightened out, he was showing the absurdity of them having a gathering to celebrate their "lack of belief". I had to edit out the distractions.

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