November 10, 2011

O'Bummer In Chief

Buona sera. Mentally challenged (you're not allowed to say "retarded" any longer) Obama zombies still insist that B. Hussein Obama is a wonderful president and doing a great job. Personally, I suspect that it's their own egos that keep his approval rating above zero, because these ideologues refuse to admit that they were horribly wrong by putting him in office. Well, that and the greedy, lazy clowns in the "occupy" bowel movement who think that they deserve everyone else's money and property; they will pretend that O'Bummer is a good president.

So, let's do a quick check-in and see what the Occupy the White House mascot is doing lately.

The Obama administration does not want to allow Franklin D. Roosevelt's D-Day prayer added to the World War II memorial in Washington, DC. Ironically, FDR was a Democrat (whose disastrous policies extended the Great Depression by seven years), and it's Conservatives and Republicans that object to Roosevelt's prayer being removed. You can read about Obama's opposition to the prayer here.

It looks like the Christmas Tree Tax is put on hold, or scrapped altogether. But the fact that this glorified community organizer was willing to put a tax, even a small one, on Christmas tress is amazing. Notice, however, that it was a "Christmas Tree Tax", and not a "Holiday Tree Tax". Even though maniacs affirming political correctness say "holiday trees", we all know what holiday these trees are about, capice? The wording is just strange to me, is all. Sort of like targeting those of us who believe in Christmas. I heard someone on the radio say that it was like a dhimmi tax under Islamic rule. Is that the case, B. Hussein Obama?

Frenchie Sarkozy and Comrade Obama were trashing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Classy national leaders, are they not? (They act like Dawkinsites.) I really don't know how anyone can respect either of those punks. Netanyahu deserves far better treatment.


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, he minute you refer to the Commander in Chief as "O'bummer" is the minute anyone with half a brain stops taking you seriously.

Bob Sorensen said...

And you took a survey? How do you know that this is a fact?

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