September 26, 2011

Atheists Attempting to Stop Free Speech AGAIN

Buona sera. This nonsense constantly amazes me. It also adds fuel to my fire that atheists are opposed to freedom of speech. Since they are unable to engage in rational, civil discourse, they resort to their tired, annoying tricks of maligning the person (or organization) instead. Atheists call themselves "rational", "free thinkers" and other misnomers, and then engage in irrational "arguments". In fact, they appear to oppose freedom of thought.

Atheists say that they believe in science and in the human mind. Well, the spirit of scientific inquiry does not mean "smash the opposition instead of examining the evidence". But, since evolution is ill-supported and unscientific, it must be bolstered by data manipulation and outright fraud. No wonder they fear creationists, refusing to listen to their evidence.

By the way, what is this "scientific inquiry" attitude of attempting to dismiss all creationism as "a lie"? Are atheists stupid? Intolerant? Afraid? All of the above? Disagreement over scientific data is just that, disagreement, not a lie. Further, they attack Christians and creationism without even knowing what is actually taught, and believed. I've posted articles at Piltdown Superman that were dismissed by atheists without even reading them. Atheists must have magical powers to be able to do that!

They pull this and other childish behavior, annoying the majority of the population. After that, they cry because they are not respected. Guess what, Buttercup? Respect must be earned, capice? 

I honestly and firmly believe that atheists want to shut down free speech for Christians, and especially for creationists. Well, I'd better stop before I get too steamed.

About a dozen atheists holding disparaging signs towards creationism and Christianity demonstrated during the opening of the Human Anatomy Exhibit by the Creation and Earth History Museum in San Diego County Saturday.

The full day of events planned at the museum by its owners, the Life and Light Foundation, included celebrating National Museum Day. About 1,500 people attended the celebration, many of them parents wanting to show their children the new exhibit and addition of the museum's Dinosaur Garden.
In the early afternoon, atheists from various parts of Southern California assembled in front of the museum located about a 20-minute drive from San Diego. Signs included one asking, “Why Hasn’t Evolution Eliminated Creationists?” Another sign held by an atheist stated, “Thou Shall Not Lie – Creationism is NOT Science.”
Read the rest about these "free thinkers" and their crazy antics with "Atheists 'Picket' San Diego Creation Museum Celebration", here. After that, you can read the comments by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, here.

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