July 20, 2011

Assigning Blame for the Holocaust

Another example of how the left wants to rewrite history.

In April, we brought you the story of an Illinois public school teacher who gave her class an assignment in which the students had to create a pie chart to divide blame for the Holocaust among ten entities: Hitler, German citizens, top SS, minor Nazis, Poles who lived near Auschwitz, non-Jewish Europeans, Allied countries, the churches, the Jewish victims, and God. The teacher told her students that zero-percent blame could only be assigned to one entity, meaning that the students would be forced to assign a percentage of blame for the Holocaust to either God or the Jewish victims.
We had been alerted to this story by a tip from a concerned parent, and we ran it based on the material she provided (and corroborating testimony from another parent). After a little more digging, we now understand that this is a much bigger story than we initially thought.
This Holocaust assignment was not the work of one public school teacher in suburban Illinois. The assignment is part of a Holocaust “education” curriculum that is being posted and shared by public school teachers across the country on school curriculum websites and message boards.
Read the rest of "Public School Course Makes Kids Blame the Holocaust on "God or the Jews" here.

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