June 16, 2011

Some Victories Regarding Christian Discrimination

After yesterday's post, I thought you might like some good news about the battles Christians face regarding discrimination and persecution.

Medina Valley, Texas — The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned U.S. District Court Judge Fred Biery’s ruling that banned an official invocation, benediction, or any message that can be considered a prayer at Medina Valley School District’s commencement ceremonies.
“We are not persuaded that plaintiffs have shown that they are substantially likely to prevail on the merits, particularly on the issue that the individual prayers or other remarks to be given by students at graduation are, in fact, school sponsored," wrote the 5th Circuit Court.
Read more about the Medina Valley, Texas appeal here.

Houston, Texas — A Houston pastor got to pray in the name of Jesus at a Memorial Day event in Houston, fulfilling a wish that took a lawsuit and a federal judge to make happen.

Scott Rainey, lead pastor at the Living Word Church of the Nazarene, prayed Monday morning at the Houston National Cemetery invoking the name of Jesus Christ. He was able to recite his prayer in full during the ceremony to honor fallen U.S. soldiers.

Read more about the Houston ruling here

I won't crow too loudly about the victories, because there is so much discrimination running rampant all over the country. But I'm glad to see that some people still have a bit of sense.


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

A federal judge and lawsuit just to pray in Jesus' Name? Amazing- but it shows something- we do have to fight to win.

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