February 16, 2011

Strong Arguments for Pro-Lifers

Buona sera. I do not have much to say today —


Cool it, Nicky.


I don't have much to say today because I want you to check out something very important, and I hope my pro-life friends will carve an hour out of their busy schedules to hear this podcast. Theopologetics has some very powerful stuff to explain and defend the pro-life position. It comes from a Christian perspective, but the discussion and philosophies are not just, "The Bible says..." In fact, Bible texts are not a big part of the picture.

You can listen online or download the show and listen to it on your MP3 player. Also, I hope you will forward this material to other pro-lifers so they will be better equipped to defend their positions. 

I have to say something personal. In some debates, we've been accused of appealing to emotion when we discuss the details or show pictures of aborted babies. What do people want? Of course it's an emotional issue! And as far as we're concerned, we're discussing life and defending unborn children, not blobs of tissue or that ridiculous phrase, "conceptus". We cannot act like people discussing the weather at a coffee klatch. Not when we think it's murder.

And guess what? If I'm proven wrong scientifically, I would much rather be mistaken on the side of life.

So, are  you ready to give a listen? Click here for the material.

Ironic thing: I had a duplicate of the image that I inserted, so I removed one. It was a creepy feeling when it said, "Do you wish to delete '20-week fetus'?"

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