July 19, 2010

Some Questions for Non-Believers: Don't You Ever Wonder?

Buona sera. I keep wondering about things, trying imagine what some people are thinking and feeling. So, I'm going to get some of these things out there.

Don't you ever wonder if you're wrong? Perhaps you've stated in no uncertain terms that there is no God, or that you hate religion itself, that you hate Christians. And yet, looking up at the stars on a clear night, don't you think that maybe it did not happen by chance after all?

Don't you ever wonder if the Bible is true? You are in a small minority, and there are billions of people that claim to be Christians. I don't care about "majority rules" or anything, but doesn't the huge number of "believers" give you second thoughts?

Don't you ever wonder if Satan exists? Some atheists will say that the existence of evil (or "harm") in the world is proof that God does not exist. Many believers say that the Bible, the Talmud and other books describe a being that wants to destroy the work of the Creator. Doesn't that ever make you think that there is a bad devil that has thrown a spanner into the Creator's works?

Don't you ever wonder if the statements made by Christians are correct after all? Perhaps you think, deep inside, that it's silly after all to believe that everything that someone says is wrong, and that all of the Bible is "fairy tales". Have you considered the truths that you cannot legitimately deny, even if you do not like where they come from?

Don't you ever wonder about the Christians living under persecution, who forgive their torturers and pray for their abusers? I know I have trouble being forgiving, I do have to admit it. It's hard to show love to enemies even under the best of times, but under torture! And sometimes the torturers become converted. How can someone have peace and love, and show forgiveness?

Don't you ever wonder if you should look at things from God's point of view? When we expect the infinite Creator of the universe to fit into our finite ideas instead of trying to understand where he's coming from, we might be limiting our own understanding by our demands and presuppositions.

Don't you ever wonder if you're simply being too proud? Maybe your ideas need to be reconsidered. Perhaps you're basing your ideas not on logic, but on emotional reactions. Maybe starting from a standpoint of being "mad at God, I don't want him to exist" is not the best way to go?

Don't you ever wonder if maybe you haven't been fair to yourself in the way you try to understand God? Or that you haven't been fair to God himself, in that you haven't honestly tried to understand him?

Don't you ever wonder if Christians are right after all, and you're in a world of hurt right now?

I'm just asking.

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