July 11, 2010

Evil Came to Visit

Buon giorno. First of all, time for a confession. Despite all of my tough-guy image and experiences, I'm a fan of LOLcats. Especially the "Basement Cat" legend that has been created.

For reasons I will not get into, I had to put up with evil in my own home. This is a long-haired black 'n' evil Basement Cat that I knew before. And dafter than a brush. This prissy beast comes over to me and gets loving and all. Fine, pet the cat, I'm fond of cats. Most of the time.

Later on, I get the wide-eyed stare, and the beastie runs from me. The old "I'll hide under the bed but leave my tail showing" trick. So, I did the thing we used to do: Touch the tip of the tail with my stocking foot. What do I get?
Hisssss! Looks like playtime has changed for Miss Priss.

Reminded of this Bible Verse: I Peter 5.8

Another time, I was walking toward the beast so I could pass her on my way to the bedroom. She gets up with the big-eyed angry panic look, and hisssss while running away. Another time, similar situation. Prissy runs to the room ahead of me, stops four feet away and stares. I commanded, "Hiss!" And I got one!

It's been said that animals pick up attitudes from their owners, and I can believe it. Centuries ago, I was driving deliveries. This one "womyn's art" place had a dog that hated men. I was almost bitten. It's very annoying to try to protect yourself while carrying something heavy with both hands. (For that matter, I'm remembering a little yap dog that gave me a rough, or ruff, time on deliveries at another place. The people were
really weird. This cowardly thing attacked me from behind and bit the heel of my work boot. I felt a "thump". Stupid, and cowardly.)

So anyway, this Basement Cat lives with two man-hating lesbians. More than a coincidence? I think not!

Anyway, she lightened up and began to like me (I have irresistible charm and all that) just before she returned to the Den of Iniquity. Maybe next time, I will say a prayer to bind the forces of evil.


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