April 18, 2010

That Good Old Mystical Experience

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited August 27, 2015

My father had the belief that when people are getting into something very heavily, it is because they are seeking a religious (or mystical) experience. I have thought about that off and on for many years, and I see the truth of it more than ever.

People have said that there is a "God-shaped hole" in everyone's life that needs to be filled, and only the right shape will fill it. A friend of mine on Facebook suddenly cut loose and started making "friends" seven ways from sundown, as well as becoming a fan of assorted things. These things are of a mystical nature, everything from a spiritual version of UFOs, social justice movements, necromancy and all sorts of hocus-pocus things. To use the vernacular, those things "creep me out".

People have a need for a mystical or religious experience. They keep looking in the wrong places.
"Enlightenment" / Fabian Nick / FreeImages.com
What are ways that we seek our own mystical experiences?
  • Sports
  • Music star idols
  • Sex (I admit, sometimes it feels like Heaven, but you're not there)
  • Career
  • The object of our romantic affections
  • Science
  • Science fiction
  • Evolution
  • Atheism
  • Religion and ritual
  • Angels
  • Fantasy
  • "New" religions
  • Intellectualism
  • Hobbies
  • TV and movies
  • Politics
You get the idea, that list can become huge. Mix and match while you're at it. Whatever distracts you from having a personal relationship with God, taking a great deal of your time, becomes our religious experience.

I want to expand on the politics aspect. Ann Coulter has a book called Godless: The Church of Liberalism. It was fascinating! Naturally, it was from a political standpoint, but the truth is there: Liberalism is a kind of religion itself, with its own beliefs and sacraments. Last week, I heard an atheist Jewish liberal caller on the Mark Levin show get cornered. Levin said, "Liberalism is your religion". The caller said, "Yes". (The way the caller responded, I kind of wondered if it was the first time he had admitted that to anyone, even himself.) If you are forced to engage in political or religious conversations with liberals, keep an eye out for the attitude of fanatical religious devotion.

One thing liberals hate about Conservatives is that most Conservatives consider themselves Christians. (How real their beliefs are, well, that's between them and God.) So, leftists hate Christianity (and beat up on Judaism for good measure), so they stomp on that as well as on Conservatism. The party of peace, love and grooviness is anything but that. There is more peace, love, kindness, generosity and all those things that liberals are pretending to represent on the side of Conservatives. And I believe much of that comes from their Christian hearts. That's right, I said it! Our belief is not in an elected official.

Let me go a bit further. How much better would Conservatism be if the Christians involved were active in their relationships with God? Also, would liberalism even exist if liberals took God and the Bible seriously? (I have to grant them this, though, that the Jesus and Christians portrayed on movies and television would put anyone off!) Want to get things straightened out? Jesus is waiting to talk. The real one, that is, not the wimpy one that people imagine so they can feel comfortable with him.


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