March 16, 2010

Losing Your Self

"He has gloriously vindicated the right of the individual to be individual."

Yes, I deliberately spelled the title that way. Plenty of people have sounded alarms about how the leftists are taking over the country for the sake of Statism. The loss of liberty is unimportant, it is only the state and big government that matter to these kinds of people. I will not go into detail on that now, it's been done better by other people. But the cowboy in me sees other things happening as well.

When the state controls things, the individual is unimportant, just a cog in a wheel. Do what you are told and clam up. You have no real identity any longer. We saw this happen under Fascism, Communism and Socialism. It is becoming that way in the United States, because Statism is growing here as well.

This is not just a government phenomenon (although I wonder if some leaders take inspiration from governmental models). It happens in cult-like religions, businesses and other places where the individual is not valued, but is a "resource" to be squeezed dry and then replaced. Businesses will use "DiSC Profiles" to pigeonhole people; you have spent a lifetime building up who you are today, and yet, you can be reduced into something that can be figured out in mere moments. That is degrading and dehumanizing.

Cowboys are not welcome in these situations, what with their individuality, personalities, ability to think for themselves, work for the common good and still maintain their own sense of self.

The quote at the beginning of this article is from the brilliant TV series "The Prisoner" (the original, not the dreadful remake). All along, the leaders were trying to break our hero, known only as Number Six. In a final attempt at deception, he was told that he had won and they asked Number Six to lead them — and yet, his name was never used.

He held onto his principles, values and his mind. There were attempts at deception. The same with us, today. You may be forced into a mold, to march in lockstep, to become a faceless member in a crowd. Jesus sets you free and affirm your individuality. Business wants to control you, as do cult religions. Government wants to control and enslave you. Hang onto your mind. And maybe watch a classic Western.


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