April 20, 2008

As the World Burns

Buon giorno. I've found out through years of experience that I can't convince people of anything: "I have my mind made up, don't confuse me with facts". But, as I've said before, you never met a Weblog writer quite like me! I have to give my views of the truth, and I like to present evidence when I'm not too busy. And I'm finding time for this one.

Since this article is for Urf Day, I'm writing in green ink. So to speak. Ah, Urf Day. When we hear the gospel of environmentalism, tree-hugging and conservation. Sure, I'm all for conservation and being environmentally friendly. But I like it within reason. It's become quite the religion for some people, and they wear it like a badge or even get smug about it. Hey, save a tree, read online! Too bad cafones don't bother to tell you that trees are a renewable resource; they are farmed so we don't have the barren wilderness that was threatening to happen in the early 1900s.

The biggest deal that puts me off to environmentalism is the global warming hype. Yes, hype. I'm ready to take the heat for this one. (Yeah, I made a funny.) When they show that stuff on channels like Discovery, I call it, "Oh-My-Gosh-We're-All-Gonna-Die" Week. The stories are slanted and alarmist. First they tell us that we all have to work together to stop global warming because it's all humanity's fault (never mind volcanoes, how about capping them?), then some tell us that it's too late, it's irreversible, we're doomed. But "global climate change" had a different alarm in the 1970s, with scares of a coming ice age! And they want to blame humans for what is, in reality, normal cycles of warming and cooling. And global warming will lead to cannibalism. My brain hurts.

We've just had some pretty cold winters. Iraq had snow for the "first time in memory". Record snowfalls in the winter of 2007-2008. Baby, it's cold outside. Tell me something, willya? These people are using computer models, making predictions and all that for 10, 50, 100 years and more. Why in blazes do we trust them to prophesy about the end of the world when they can't even get next weekend's weather forecast right? Sure wish I could remember who said that before me so I could give proper credit.

The high priest of global warming is undoubtedly Al Gore. His Gorebal warming stuff is annoying. What's more annoying is that people are convinced by pretty pictures and believe something just because there's a video or movie with slick production. Hey, Al! You had a serious refutation by a schoolgirl's extra credit work. Too bad the Website she did seems to be down. Maybe it was taken down by those that can't handle the truth! Conspiracy! Algore is pretty reluctant to take on actual scientists in debates. Makes me wonder. No, not really.

Hey, how about those carbon offsets? That's a load of crap. Take a look at the Wall Street Journal. Or the Financial Times. It didn't take long for me to find that bit of information here, to show that it's fraud. I recently bought a bag of "Sun Chips", and I couldn't believe that they had something stamped on the bag to the effect of, "We buy carbon offsets". Oh, please. It's a false guilt conscience bandage for the wealthy; buying carbon offsets will do nothing.

I've said before that constant repetition of one viewpoint, especially masquerading as science, is nothing short of brainwashing. Guess what? There are serious scientists with opposing views, as I hinted before. Why don't we hear from them? Scientists don't like that movie he did, with good reason. I didn't waste my time watching it.

Here's one of the best parts: The Untied (misspelling intentional) Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been challenged by scientists to back off from their absurd global warming position. That's the way, take the challenge to the top! If this has gotten your attention and you want more evidence against what gets shoved in your face every day, let Thomas Brewton show you some things.

So, I laugh at Algore and tolerate rabid environmentalists. I try not to be wasteful and detest pollution. Being environmentally friendly is common sense when it's not taken to extremes, and I'm all for it. Global warming? Nah. That nonsense doesn't scare me, even though it's the current "consensus". I'm much more concerned with the effects of the Chinese communists on the Tibetans, and the rest of the world. Now that is a real problem worthy of my attention. Ciao!

Addendum 12-28-2008:
Here is another link worth reading.


Anonymous said...

hey M. Stormbringer, maybe you should ask the Tibetans how the Himalayas' ices are doing? How can someone be kind AND stubborn? Isn't it because of just being able to re-thinking the informations you're just supporter of freedom of religion (so Tibet friendly)(like me except I just support any freedom and no religion is best...)and not able to see what the planet is going through because it's getting you out of your confort zone (being too green might lead you to a loss of daily confort!!!)

Bob Sorensen said...

I would give you a well-reasoned answer to your comment, but, after reading it twice, I still have no idea what you're babbling about. Hey, Frenchie, is inane thinking like yours part of the reason that France is no longer a player on the world stage? Or is this nonsense peculiar to Chavagnac?

Unknown said...

To be honest I am sort of chocked that you have choosed to overlook so many factors going on, proved, or shown. Even though you do not wish to be confused with facts, I found your overall ignorance ...worrying.

Trees are probably one of the most important factors. Humans have reduced the earth's overall forest are from 80% to about 30%. Biggest problem? The trees that formerly was supposed to reduce CO2 are now unleashing it because of the deforestation. What furthermore displays your ignorance is claiming humanity has absolutely nothing to do with. Funny part: you also mentioned vulcanoes as a reason why YOU have nothing to do with it. Every research has shown a decrease in temperature after an larger eruption.

Whether you choose to skip the middle because of my explanation of why I think you are wrong and ignorant is none of my matter. But at least my comment can serve as a correction of your nonsense to other.
Emil Outzen
- BTW I'm nowhere near the Greenpeace state of mind, but they sure are on to something. Don't deny that.

Bob Sorensen said...

Emil, your blind devotion is alarming. Obviously, you did not bother to check any contrary evidence, you'd just rather believe the political and pseudo-religious propaganda of the green movement. You sound just like the evolutionists that rail against the facts that I present. Blind and bland.

Silly Goose said...


The link above is man from Nashville. He's been on Hannity.

He is doing a movie to OFFSET Al's. It's called An Inconsistent Truth.


Gore is liar. Its all about money and more control over the people.

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