January 29, 2008

Entitlement Mentality

Stand back. Stormbringer's thundering again, and lightning is shooting out of his eyes.

You remember a while back when I railed about welfare slobs. But one in particular keeps setting me off, and I'm going to use this insufferable creature as an example of my point.

Imagine being 25 years old and having no intention of getting a job. Not only that, but expecting to be taken care of. Her mother works extra jobs to pay her bills, and this bitch has no shame in watching the old girl work herself into an early grave. And she's collecting welfare, too. Expecting, as a right, to get handouts from the government and from other people.

Laziness creates more laziness, greed creates more greed. Funny how those things go together. This particular "person" will sponge and sponge off people, always looking for more. The money is free, not worked for (as in "job"), and she calls it "her" money, and doesn't want to spend "her" money on necessities, only on luxuries. Other people are expected to foot the bill for everything.

A new low: she gives her grandmother a sob story about not having money (which is a bloody lie), and cons her into giving her more money. Then, Miss Bitchley gets money, but will not tell Granny! No, let her give from her pension to the greedy, selfish slob. And get this: Granny bought some candy and forgot to take it home. Guess who ate it all? Selfish slob.

And the bum makes a pretense at going to college...yeah, right. Too stupid and lazy to get a real job. It's all a lie.

I get so furious I can hardly see straight. Somebody's gotta feel my fist of rage!

The bigger principle? When people are coddled and don't have to do something for themselves (and again, I'm not talking about genuine need, but laziness as a lifestyle), they come to expect things to be given to them. They're entitled to handouts; it's their right. Well, I have the right to be angry that my pocket is being picked.

Can we be honest here? Conservatives say, "This is the land of opportunity. You can make something of yourself!" The Liberals say, "You need me. Elect me to public office so I can give you money and make you love me."

But guess where that money comes from? The government.

Bzzzzz! Wrong answer, Hans. "The government" is the people. Taxes are raised so that lazy slobs can have handouts. I want to drive the rock and roll pain train up their joyfully bouncing buttocks.

Am I wrong to feel this way? Am I wrong to think that I'm being taken advantage of, not only by politicians, but welfare bums? Get a freakin' job! How are you ever going to have some self-respect?

And it never stops. Entitlement mentality keeps on taking and taking...


Anonymous said...

WOW, no comments? I feel your pain, I live in south Texas and I see large scale welfare fraud every day. It is not a race issue bye and large, but a universal problem of all races. I occasionally need assistance with my work, and cannot find anybody to help me when I need them. I have a neighbor that is prolly not legal that will help me anytime and I asked him the other day what he thought about lazy people and that many americans blamed his presents here for their finacial doom. He told me many people come to the USA for welfare, but many migrants despise their fellow country men that risk their only hope for a better life by becoming leeches. He also said that many south texans think they are better than him and talk down to him. I had to ask him if he felt I was one of them? He told me no and that I was living the dream that he invisioned of america before he came here. I questioned him about that and he told me the american dream, that if he worked hard and treated everybody right you would prosper in this country. I asked him why he could not do that in Mexico, and he told me that corrupt lazy bums were in power there and if you were not corrupt, wou had zero hope of ever improving your life! I thought about what we talked about and took a trip down memory lane and could remember a time that most people worked and were against goverment handouts, but that was before our goverment had become totally corrupt. Now, we see rich elites that are living on old money that have never worked a day in their life and feel sorry for the ones that will not work and the people that bust their asses are looked down upon as peons! Mexico is very overdue for a revolution, but how far are we from needing one???

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