Man Bad, Woman Good

Buona Sera, class. Your not-so-humble professor has been under the weather. And irritable. And lethargic. Maybe a remedy would be to write something. And this one is going to irritate some people. Sorry, but I tell the truth as I see it. If you don't like this one, the next posting will probably be quite different. I have a track record of that.
Lately, I've been hearing the feminazi propaganda that comes down to "Woman good, man bad". You're heard it: "Girls grow up into women, boys grow into bigger boys"; men are the cause of all the evil in the world, control the wealth, destroy everything good, constantly think about sex, blather, blather, blather. That's why we should have voted for Hillary Clinton. (I had to backspace to remove my expletives just then.)

The good news is that not all women feel this way. In fact, women point out that feminists are fakes. Saying that women are better than men is a discrimination in itself! And there's a great deal of that sediment — I mean, sentiment
— in the world. I wonder if part of the problem is that these women not only hate men, but are afraid of being real women?

The worst part is when the feminazis want to castrate all men and make us all like women. Then everything would be freakin' peachy. Dream on. They'd be sorry.

This mindset is causing some men to rebel, even forming men's groups to combat the predatory female (a vicious creature that I'll describe some other time). The problem is that these guys have been so burned that they think all women are predatory. Not so, Zeke. But if you knew my ex...
I'd like to point out some things. The first one is the obvious: men and women are different. John Gray has some truth on this, but I can't endorse it wholeheartedly. Some, yes.

I won't apologize for being male, for being sexual, for being a problem-solver whenever possible, for being chemically and physiologically different, for having more linear thought processes, for being less complicated. It's part of being a man. Capice?

"Well, men start wars".
No, people start wars. Through the ages, women have been more than willing to fight and spy for their causes. And I've seen plenty of catfights, and spiteful women who were only grown up on the outside, not the inside. And the ones that love power, like Jezebel who controlled Ahab so she could get the throne. Or Eva Braun, who didn't seem to object to Hitler's methods. Men love power and strive to attain it, and women like it too; if they can't get it, they'll get next to it.

"Men control the wealth of the world and women are oppressed."
Sure, there is a wage gap in some instances, but that is because of priorities. Otherwise, get over yourself, Sunshine. I have bad news: some of the wealthiest people in the world are women, and that number is increasing. Especially in the USA. (You know the USA? People want to sneak into the country because of the opportunities. Or it's the first place that oppressed people choose for refuge.) And this "women are oppressed"'re cute when you're playing the victim card, you know that?

"But men destroy!"
Yeah, yeah. So do women. And both genders create.
Now here's something for the guys: Stop feeding the stereotypes! Jeff Foxworthy and friends have some cute stories and are great comedians. Also, The King of Queens and Tim Allen's Home Improvement had some fun moments. Guess what, Studley? They're not models for life! They are entertainment. Oh, and there are plenty of self-indulgent songs out there. They're not guidelines for your life, either.
Too many guys are guys, and not real men. Yeah, you heard me. And guess what? Aside from the loud feminazis and the liberal media, it turns out that a woman wants a real man. Not a wimp. Sure, be in touch with your feelings and sensitive to hers, but stop overdoing it. And none of this "metrosexual" crap, thank God that's over.

The slob image has got to go. How about trying to emulate James Bond a little bit? (I'm not sure about the Daniel Craig image, they're re-writing the character.) He had class. So did John Steed, but not many people in the US know about The Avengers. Besides, John Steed was a bit foppish. But classy.

Guess what? I think the Cartwrights on Bonanza, those rugged, robust he-men, had a different kind of class. They had a good work ethic, integrity... almost brings tears to my eyes that those positive role models don't exist on television or in movies anymore. Men could learn from some of the positive media images from days gone by.

Irritation note: I like the bumper sticker that says, "Stop calling women 'babes', chicks hate that."
OK, both genders are angry with me. My work for this session is done. Arrivederci.

Addendum 6-26-2008: Edited and tweaked for clarity.



Anonymous said…
I do so agree with you Bob and here here to the Bonds and Cartwrights...wish I could find one them. Especially like the Cartwrights. From LS
Darryl said…
Pithy Bro... I love it!
Anonymous said…
"Stop feeding the stereotypes!"

I will if you will! There are a LOT of people who call themselves feminists who do not believe women are better than men, or that all men are evil (I, myself, being a male feminist, and an avid reader of blogs like the Art of Manliness).

Feminism doesn't have to mean feminazi, yet your post makes it come across as that. Take your own advice!
Bob Sorensen said…
"I will if you will". Sorry, Pal, your comment is ridiculous. I'm raising flags here, and you're saying the sort of things that cause problems in the first place. I don't think you even read the posting, really. You're a male feminist? Lucky you. Want a medal? I'd like to tear your comments into shreds before your very eyes, but I hate comments that get longer than the original piece. Suffice to say, attitudes like yours are part of the problem.
Anonymous said…
HA! Hey, Storm! You should've gone Jack Nicholson on him, "You can't handle the truth!" Alex didn't read it or he was threatened but you backed things up.
Anonymous said…
Not that I am defending Eva Braun, but she basically just worked in her parents' shop breathlessly waiting for the moment Hitler deigned to stop by.

Then when the atrocities really got going he moved her to his home/bunker where he spent most of his time ignoring her.

Though she is absolutely despised by history, she was also despised by almost everyone in his inner circle. She wasn't ever really in the loop on what he was doing.
Bob Sorensen said…
Hayden, Even so, she stayed with him. I don't buy it that she was completely ignorant. But I have no doubt that he would have hidden most of his evil from her. But not all of it.
John B said…
Queen Boadicea (or Boudicca)
Joan of Arc
Elizabeth I
"Bloody" Mary

Small list to start with, but those "wymnyn" hardly fulfill the peaceful, docile image feminists would have us believe.
Anonymous said…
Feminism, as all self-titled feminists have explained it to me, is the belief that a man and a woman should have equal opportunities. This often means similar or identical treatment, for example in academics. I think that education should treat men and women the same. Granted, I have not met any of these radical, men-hating feminists that you have, but I would not paint them all with the same brush. I do like some of your defenses to attacks on men.
Bob Sorensen said…
Hi Paul,

There is little need for feminism in the true sense anymore, because most men agree in "equal pay for equal work", and in equal opportunities, etc. But I *will* paint the radical, men-hating feminists with the same brush because they spew the same liberal, socialistic nonsense, and they cry "sexism" the way some people "play the race card" -- to run around any facts that they cannot handle instead of facing them. So, I don't need to paint them much, they paint themselves with the same brush. You haven't met them? You're young, don't get out much or live in a more rational part of the world. They're all over the place here, especially when I read news reports.
Anonymous said…
I am young and live in a part of the world, and of the country, whose dominant politics I share. I guess the people who call themselves feminists here, and the few I know elsewhere, and the people who call themselves feminists where you live are just different.
Bob Sorensen said…

In the USA, feminism is actually a pseudo-political movement. It's about power. It is NOT about caring for women or for equality -- that lost its steam 25 years ago. But they say the same rhetoric, even though it's not true, and use their *stated* beliefs in the pursuit of power.

At the same time I was notified that your comment appeared, this article arrived:

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