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Yours truly is all excited. I like to do something productive and meaningful.

As you can see in the right margin, I have links for two kinds of free Bible software. One is e-Sword, which is good and I have no quarrels with it. The other is theWord. After learning some of its uses, I am very pleasantly surprised. It is highly customizable, powerful and full of features. There is a portable version as well, and with me being Joe Gadget at times, I really like that part, too.

I should point out that I am getting nothing in return for doing this review of free software.

If you're like me, the first thing you want to do is see if acceptable Bible versions are available. They are. As expected, the King James Version comes with it. (Happy 400th anniversary to the KJV this year. Too bad I wasn't aware of the Geneva Bible last year, I would have wished it a happy 450th anniversary. Both the Geneva and the actual 1611 KJV are available for download from theWord.) 

The NET Bible came along in the package as well, but I'm not all that thrilled with it. But I am thrilled to see the Holman Christian Standard Bible (the default version used in the popups you see on this Weblog, such as Proverbs 1.7) and the English Standard Version are free. Hundreds of references and Bible versions are available. Christians tend to be generous people. The software is free. Not all of the modules are free, but you do not need to spend one red grotzit to have this software become a very powerful Bible study and reference tool. (I liked it enough to give a donation. Not required, and you're not badgered in any way.)

If you're intrigued and want to learn more about theWord, I have a more detailed discussion on my other Weblog. Get comfy, it's not exactly short. Click here for that.

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