February 18, 2013

Terms of Service — Are They Enforced?

When Facebook allows Pages and groups whose names are unfit to mention in front of children and sensible ladies, when they allow atheopath hate speech, when they allow libel, when they allow threats of violence, when they allow all sorts of infractions that violate their "Terms of Service", and do not enforce them, what good are they? The message they send is the Satanic, "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law".
This was reported, and they said it was not a violation!
I have reported several posts, pictures and so on that any sensible person would clearly see that the contents violate the ToS of Facebook. Big deal. Perhaps it's because of the atheistic leanings of Facebook, but obscene anti-Christian materials are left alone.

This lack of activity from FB gives me the go-ahead for some truth-telling pages about wicked atheopaths, then. They won't care about the screenshots, will they?

On the other hand, Wordpress may not be a company to trifle with.

An atheopath was caught using an image of mine. (Actually, my wife snapped it.) I told him to take it down. It's mine, not his. Pretty simple that even this simpleton could understand it. He refused. I reported it to Wordpress (Automattic). They made him take it down.

Then he put it up again. I filed another takedown notice with Wordpress. It came down.

I found up that he put the thing up again a third time. Pretty arrogant, "Nobody's gonna tell me what to do!" attitude, he felt that he was in the right, despite what the law and what the Wordpress Terms of Service said. Guess what? Looks like the third strike, he's out. Addendum: Nope, just suspended. He perjured himself and claimed "Fair Use" to Automattic, and I would have to pursue expensive international litigation, so it was restored. Yet, the hypocrite fills his diaper whenever someone posts a public screen shot of his nefarious activities. I have an idea of something to make for his birthday.

Bottom line: ToS apply occasionally. The unfortunate lesson is: See what you can get away with.