June 21, 2012

More Atheist "Freethinker" Nonsense

Tony Miano is a street preacher with experience and knowledge of theology. He has a burden for the lost and wants to keep people from going to Hell. Tony is affiliated with evangelist Ray Comfort.

He does not deserve this:

Strange...I thought atheists didn't believe in Hell. 

Anyway, so many atheists will say and do almost anything, no matter how vicious, no matter how utterly stupid, just to express hate for God and his people. The word "freethinker" is totally wrong, because their thinking is not free. No, they are doing the bidding of their father down below (John 8.44-45).

Hell is real. But they don't have to go there.

June 18, 2012

Strange Searches: My Secret Is Out!

Buon giorno. I tried to keep things under wraps, but it is so difficult to keep a secret when several people are involved. (It's been rightly said that "three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead".) My action-adventure biographical movie will be released in time for the Christmas rush of 2012. It's called "Stormbringer: Adventures of an Obstreperous Cowboy Apologist".

Obviously, you're all thrilled at the news. Christian Bale will play me, Ernie the Gambler is played by Chris Hemsworth, Hal the Hacker is played by David Tennant, Nicky will play himself (he's photogenic, better with firearms than any stunt actor, and the girls love him). Actresses include Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie, Famke Janssen and others. It'll be worth your time and money, capice?

Here's the source of this jocularity:

June 16, 2012

Quick Sampling of Why Atheism is Dying

Within the past week, I posted some material on the fact that modern obstreperous atheism is fading, and how to deal with them [1, 2, 3]. Worse for them, Christianity is growing — especially in atheist-governed and Mohammedan-governed countries! I had supporting links, so I am not going to ruin my morning by repeating myself.

Instead, I am going to have a bit of fun by letting atheo-fascist humiliate themselves. You see, I posted those articles and let the, uh, whaddyacallit, auto-posting announce them on Twitter and Facebook. What to my wondering eyes did appear but more of the same old stuff: Personal attacks, misrepresentation, moving the goalposts, change the subject and try to get me to defend a different position — if they love "reason", they had jolly well better learn to actually use the stuff, capcie?So I decided to play.

Let me point out that I did not approach anyone. They saw the auto-posts and decided to demonstrate their debating skills. Not good. Edit: Forgot to mention that these misotheists gang up like piranhas, as you can see from the number of people involved in each attack. So, I replied to all.

Here are some examples with my comments. I hope my students of the "Logic Lessons" series are paying attention (I won't cover every fallacy, you have to do some work yourselves). By the way, I had to take screen shots because I've had these giants of intellect delete their Tweets. Shame? Anyway, have fun!

I bet I'm not the only one who thinks that this is a massive fail. I told him to back up his claims, this is what came back:

Typical straw man mixed with ridicule, followed by more lack of logic to defend lack of logic:

Many of these people could be consider hatetheists [4].

This one dodges the topic at hand. The failure of atheism (conveniently demonstrated by his own lack of logical thinking) is the topic. Changing the subject and childishly demanding something else goes into the "Fail" folder. By the way, scientific evidence disproving evolution can be found all over the Web, and at Piltdown Superman:

Ridicule is not a logical argument. Shay sneered:
@Stormbringer_5 Yes because believing in the
supernatural is a total #win. *sarcasm*

Straw man and mockery, as well as arbitrary assertion. Boring as well as annoying. David Preece ranted:
@Stormbringer_5 Ha Ha Ha. Like sleepy toddlers you creationists are way past the point of reasoning. After a nap try reading a factual book.

Try to figure this one out. I had to look up "necroposting", and it has nothing to do with the subject. Looks like just another weak excuse for throwing stones. Plus, an unsubstantiated assertion. Unless he's upset about the "fool" thing. Take it up with God (Psalm 14.1). The rest of it...fuggedaboudit:

One more. I have engaged this guy before, and he is still angry that I ran rings 'round him logically. (He made a few slurs and then did the courtesy of blocking me, for which I am thankful.) Anyway, it appears that he is angry that I call them on their fallacies. Can I help it that ridicule, mockery, ad hominem, poisoning the well, assertions and especially the straw man are their favorite (albeit useless) tactics? Have a looksee at what Michael Sizer-Watt raved:
@stormbringer_5 You call every fallacy (and many non-fallacies) strawmen. Good bye. Again.

BONUS EDIT! This astoundingly arrogant assertion is also fraught with fallacies. Count 'em:

There are some basic things in play here. First, atheism is failing, and that is documented (one reason is that atheism creates its own "Poes" with irrational, vituperative attacks like the ones demonstrated above [5]. Although they claim to love "reason", I see very few atheists who actually use reason (this was blatantly demonstrated at the failed "Reason Rally" [6]). But then, atheism itself is logically and philosophically irrational [7] and bigoted [8, 9].

Another reason is their worldview. Atheistic presuppostions are that, by virtue of their disbelief, they are somehow more intelligent than Christians — especially Biblical creationists. Part of their worldview is based on a genetic fallacy [10]! I'm just a st00pid dumb Xtian that won't listen to "reason". Well, I have my own worldview that is firmly rooted in reality instead of denial and assertions. Christianity is logically and philosophically consistent. One attacker in the above screen shots, who ironically calls himself "Oz", was being particularly petulant by claiming about me: "Not willing to listen and arrogantly determined to remain ignorant...There's just a dogged determination to not learn. He doesn't want to be taught and doesn't want to think". Well, aside from the tone of a spanked schoolboy, I do not want to "learn" by rejecting the truth.

Addendum — I had to add this gem, the fruit of atheism in action:

June 13, 2012

The PC Double Standards of Facebook

When I first joined Facebook, I thought it had some kind of rules and standards that applied to everyone. It did not take long for me to realize that they are just like every other big business that will have certain rules that they will enforce when it is expedient. (It is laughable that Rule Six under "Safety" is that you will not bully or harass others. I've been bullied, and I've hit back.) There are Pages and Groups that exist only to ridicule Christians, Israel, Conservatives and so forth (Rule Seven prohibits hate speech). Although I was able to help get a few taken down, there are other noteworthy pages that are still up, despite the obvious and flagrant violations of Facebook's alleged standards.

And yet, legitimate Pages and Groups that have a special interest can get shut down. Nothing wrong with their content, and leaving them up will mean that Facebook lives by its alleged mission, "Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected". It ain't happening, Harold.
I received the news yesterday that the Facebook page for my book A Queer Thing Happened to America was deleted for allegedly violating Facebook’s “Community Standards.” But Facebook pages like “Hitler Fetus is our Jesus,” “Zombie Jesus,” and a host of other grossly offensive pages apparently do not violate these standards.
The Facebook page for my book had been online for about one year, containing reader comments, links to reviews, and relevant news links that some members would post. All in all, the page was quite benign and, being older, fairly inactive. As for the book itself, it is carefully and compassionately written, meticulously documented, and, in reality, an exposé of hate speech rather than an example of hate speech. Yet the page, which featured the cover of the book, allegedly violated Facebook’s Community Standards.
I found out that the page had been removed when the creator of the page posted on his personal Facebook page: “Facebook locked my account and showed me this, saying this page I created last year violated their community standards. Wow...” The note from Facebook contained a copy of the front cover of my book and stated, “We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”
Read the rest of "The Facebook Censor Strikes", here.

June 10, 2012

Archaeology Supports the Bible

"In my view, most of the revisionists are no longer honest scholars, weighing all the evidence, attempting to be objective and fair-minded historians, seeking the truth. Determined to unmask the ideology of others, they have become ideologues themselves. The revisionist and the postmoderns are dangerous because they have created a kind of relativism ― an anything goes attitude ― that makes serious, critical inquiry difficult if not impossible."
William Dever, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Arizona
For many years, it has been an established fact that archaeology supports the Bible. (I did an article on that here.) Sure, there were people who were daft enough to say, "Aha! Archaeologists have not found evidence of the Hittites. They did not exist. Your Bible is wrong. There is no God!" (Yes, I have encountered people whose "logic" works that way.) Anyway, they had to eat their words because the Hittites' existence was verified after all.

The previous somewhat hyperbolic example used the logical fallacy of argument from silence. Similarly, revisionists, haters, skeptics, misotheists and liberals will use arguments from silence such as, "There is no evidence that the Israelites were captives in Egypt". Then they will cite a "scholar" that breaks from the rest and wants to prove his own bias against the Bible. Amazing.

"What about the evidence for the Israelites in Egypt, Uncle Bob?"
A storm of debate has erupted in the Jewish world, following the well-publicized assertion by Rabbi David Wolpe of Los Angeles that "the way the Bible describes the Exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all."
Wolpe made his declaration before 2,000 worshippers at the Conservative Sinai Temple, and the speech was reported on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. The article entitled, "Doubting the Story of Exodus," asserts that archaeology disproves the validity of the Biblical account.
While people don't usually get worked up about archaeology, the debate about archaeology and the Bible is often passionate and vitriolic.
Biblical Archaeology is often divided into two camps: The "minimalists" tend to downplay the historical accuracy of the Bible, while the "maximalists," who are in the majority and are by and large not religious, tend to suggest that archaeological evidence supports the basic historicity of the Bible text.
As a science, we must understand what archaeology is and what it isn't.
Archaeology consists of two components: the excavation of ancient artifacts, and the interpretation of those artifacts. While the excavation component is more of a mechanical skill, the interpretive component is very subjective. Presented with the same artifact, two world-class archaeologists will often come to different conclusions -- particularly when ego, politics and religious beliefs enter the equation.
You can read the rest of this extremely interesting article, "Archaeology and the Exodus", here. Then you can further your education by reading "Archaeology and the Bible - Part 2", here.

Further Signs of the Decline of Atheism

Buon giorno. An atheist brazenly claimed, "Atheism is the fastest growing religion in the world". Was it ignorance, dishonesty, wishful thinking...? Actually, atheism is declining, and Christianity is increasing [1, 2]. An essay on "Ten Reasons Why American Atheism Will See a Significant Decline" is here. America is seeing an increase in Biblical creationism, despite the efforts of militant atheists, secularists and activist judges. You can't stop the truth forever, capice? I'm glad The Question Evolution Project is a part of this!

Even more annoying for Darwinists and atheists is that this is becoming a bad year for their religions.
4 important questions every Darwinist and atheist/agnostic must answer:

Is the young earth creationist organization Creation Ministries International and its Question Evolution! Campaign with its 15 questions for evolutionists on the rise and poised for tremendous growth?

Are evolutionists and atheists weak, complacent and in decline? Will the decline continue and accelerate?

Is global Darwinism/atheism/agnosticism on the decline and will it effect North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand?

What do the supporters of the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists want to do to keep the momentum going and help America achieve a creationist majority in America and eventual complete victory over Darwinism?
Read the rest of "Creation Ministries International is on the rise, evolutionary belief and atheism is NOT!", here, Hector. The evolutionary and atheistic worldviews are being dismantled. That leaves a void in someone's life. I can tell you about the way to fill that void, here.

June 9, 2012

Another Sign that Atheism is Fading

Buona sera. The exceptionally loud minority of vociferous children seems to be shrinking. Atheists have never been popular, and are the least-liked group in America (and probably most of the world).

"Why don't people like atheists, Uncle Bob?"

This is not the kind of atheist that is a "live and let live" type, you believe, I don't, so what? No, so-called "New Atheism" is shrill, irrational, obnoxious, vituperative — it becomes a caricature of itself. People want meaning in their lives, and are not satisfied with a religion that is based on bad thinking, emotionalism and hate. The obstreperous atheist handbook says that if you cannot defeat your opponent through reason (which is the usual outcome for these kids), resort to finding any and every excuse to mock and ridicule said opponent. It does not solve the problem, but attempting to tear others down somehow makes atheopaths feel better about themselves, capice? So, be careful how your spend your time, and with whom.

One indicator of the slow death of modern atheism is that failing (it's not dead yet, but it was coughing up blood last night) is Internet market share.
Has internet atheism shown a big decline in market share? Is internet atheism losing to Christianity?

Consider these two questions:

1. Has the market share of leading atheist websites plunged in the last 5 years and in 2012?

2. Is global atheism/agnosticism declining and expected to decline in an accelerated fashion?

Before we provide some exciting data/graphs concerning internet atheism and skepticism, we first want to give you some relevant background information.
Read the rest of "Internet atheism: The thrill is gone!", here.

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