July 6, 2011

Sneaky, Irritating Spam

Buon giorno. You know that I take great pleasure in exposing inequities, injustices, lies and fraud. Here's a simple one. Even though I think that most people who read my Weblogs know enough not to give out unsolicited personal information and not to click on links from strange e-mail, it bears repeating. A little bit of reinforcement is good for you, capice?

This little dandy showed up in a seldom-used e-mail account the other day. It's a bit late, because it's attempting to tug at my heartstrings about the disasters in Japan. (Sorry, Bubbles, I already contributed through Samaritan's Purse quite a while ago.)  I was curious about this one. Although I did not click on the links, most modern browsers will let you see where the link is going, so you can check before clicking if you just hover over the link.

One of the links allegedly goes to the Red Cross. Another to Save the Children. And so on. If you're not already familiar with some charity sites (Christians and Conservatives are the ones who contribute the most, by the way), you can do a quick search to see that many have simple links: RedCross.org, SaveTheChildren.org, &c. So, I hovered. The links all went to "BrasilGirls".

Naturally, I reported the cafone.

Here it is, if you're interested. Yes, I disabled the links.

Received: from www.brasilgirls.info (brasilgirls.info [])
 (Authenticated sender: gina@brasilgirls.info)
 by brasilgirls.info (Postfix) with ESMTPA id E2FD8B3004D

You can also view this email online: Click here

Hello cowboybob,

the current death toll in Japan stands at more than 11,000 with
thousands still missing after a devastating 9.0 earthquake and
tsunami struck on March 11, according to Reuters.
More than 450,000 have evacuated their homes and are living in
shelters. Please read below for an updated list of ways to
help the people in japan.

Numerous organizations have created ways to aid disaster relief
efforts for those affected by the earthquake in Japan and
tsunami throughout the Pacific.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is sending two
three-person teams to the Iwate and Miyagi prefectures in Japan.
Learn more about the organization's efforts and
make a donation at


Text the American Red Cross (REDCROSS to 90999) or visit the
url below to donate $10 from your phone.


Save The Children is sending an emergency team to assist its
staff in Japan. Donations to the group's Children's Emergency
Fund will help preserve the welfare of children there.


GlobalGiving disburse funds to organizations providing direct
relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake
and tsunami. All donors will get email updates on how their
funds have been used. Get more info and donate today.


A contribution to International Medical Corps helps ensure the
disaster relief to the services they need today, including
primary and secondary health care, food and nutrition,
clean water and sanitation, mental health care, and the skills
they need to rehabilitate.


Please help the people in japan!

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