January 8, 2013

Debunking the ICR Debunker

As I have pointed out here many times, it is not difficult to show the appalling lack of logic that many Internet atheists use in their attacks on Christians. Similarly, many evolutionists on Internet pa-TROLL do not use logic. Both use emotion and attempt to demonize people, and will cite pooling of ignorance sites as "proof" that their views are correct. Worse, they often seek to shut down the rights of creationists and Christians to even express our points of view.

Rush Limbaugh has a famous phrase, "With half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair". Jason Petersen seems to have been in a similar position, because he did not spend much time and effort showing the flaws of a presumptuous kid who seems to think that he is able to discredit and debunk the science presented by ICR scientists.
I haven't had a lot of time on my hands today but I did want to cover something very briefly that has been on my mind. 
It is no secret that online Christian apologists are greatly outnumbered by atheists on the internet who want to  try to debunk arguments for Christianity or young earth creationism. In fact, websites like answersingenesis and icr.org have websites that are filled with atheists that watch for articles and then almost immediately respond to every single article that is brought out.
Most of the responses put out by atheists to these Christians websites(I only gave two examples) are absolutely horrendous. By which I mean void of any meaningful substance. They tend to be riddled with logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks.
One thing you have to remember though is that many of these people who are writing these refutations are merely laymen. Many times they will cite a scientific study but then by hopefully sheer ignorance they will get the implication of the story incorrect. Sometimes they will even demonstrate that they don't understand what the article is really saying.
I'll give an example, eyeonicr.com is an atheist website that camps icr.org and responds to a lot of the articles that it brings out.
You can watch the author have at it with the arrogant but unskilled critic by reading the rest of "Online Atheists and You".

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